It’s easy to do the HCG diet at home

Are you not satisfied with your current weight? Would you like to reduce it? Do you think about different weight loss methods, but you are unsure which one is effective? As you are aware of, many diets seem to be promising, but when it comes to results, they are missing. Isn’t it enough to enjoy in results of your hard work only for a limited time? Would you like to lose some weight, without worrying that effects will be nullified not long after you had taken the particular diet? Have you ever considered doing an HCG diet? Are you familiar with what it means?

What is the HCG diet all about?

Have you ever heard people talking about this HCG diet? Do you know what is it all about? Let’s start from the beginning. The HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin. This hormone is produced during the entire time of pregnancy to support the baby growth.

The human chorionic gonadotropin has been present in the medical community for some time, but recently it has become more known due to the popularization of the HCG diet. This diet has recently become a limelight as there are many, often confronted reactions to it. So, what it exactly means to be on the HCG diet?

Throughout the HCG weight loss program, some guidelines must be followed. Firstly, during this weight reduction diet, you must take injections with human chorionic gonadotropin, or HCG, on a daily basis. Also, you will have to stick to the HCG diet plan which involves consuming maximum 500 calories per day.

Get familiar with the diet

If you decide to do this diet, you will have to take HCG drops for at least 23 days. So, during this period, there are two days of the load period which are followed by 21 days on a 500-calories diet with HCG drops. Needless to say, if you want visible results, you should not cheat. So, don’t give up on your goals before you achieve them.  It is of a pure essence to be persistent during the entire time of this diet. After all, you are doing this only for yourself. And, if you, by any chance, stray from the HCG diet, it is advisable that you continue with it. But remember, you should do these 21 days of the 500-calories diet without cheating.

Once you finish with the HCG, you will have to continue with the low-calorie diet for three additional days, but without taking the drops. By doing so, you will enable the HCG to clean out from your body completely. After this 3-day period is finished, you can start with the maintenance cycle.

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