Ideas For Digital Marketing To Improve Your Brand Growth With Live Streaming

The year 2016 was very big for live streaming. Facebook being one of the biggest brands also launched live streaming and with partnering with publishers provided this service to all of its users. Live streaming was also introduced by Twitter with own notable partnerships. Twitter made the live streaming even easier for its users after allowing them to start streaming directly from Twitter application.

These two foremost social networks have made live streaming easier more than ever before and are successfully running and making progress with new added features.

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Creating a B2B Digital Marketing Plan for 2017 [infographic]

By Dave Chaffey

Don’t get left behind with your Digital Marketing Strategy, follow these 7 Steps to Brilliant B2B Marketing!

Many Business-to-business (B2B) companies are already successfully getting great results using digital marketing tactics like SEO, PPC, landing page creation, social media and email marketing linked to a CRM marketing automation system or a simple email autoresponse system.

But often, B2B organisations are not getting the most from today’s marketing since they don’t have a planned approach based on an integrated inbound marketing plan. To create an infographic showing the latest research on how companies are using inbound marketing, we’ve researched how B2B companies are using digital marketing. The results across different studies show that while many companies are delivering brilliant results, many could do more.

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And now it could be the time for your brand to test this idea for your brand. To begin with live streaming of your brand you first need to brainstorm ideas according to the content of your brand. With live streaming you can teach the users how to use your product and maximize its use.

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How to Boost Your Digital Marketing With PR

Strategies to drive new business should complement — not replace — one other because they drive growth symbiotically.

Erik Huberman

Recently, I listened to the CEO of a multibillion-dollar corporation tell me about his company’s profit and loss; and I realized that he considered marketing, sales and PR — all of it — as a single line item.

In this man’s mind, anything driving new business belonged in just one single category.

I can understand how that might seem logical; however, when you look at these separate operations as a joint function, you can’t really see how one affects the other. In fact, they are complementary; so lumping them together makes it hard to understand how to maximize those investments.

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You can host a question answer session with experts, broadcast live shows that your brand is organizing or taking part in, add behind the scenes and demos for teaching users and providing them convenience.

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For making progress in digital marketing using live streaming, you can capture users by providing introduction to your stream. can help to make advance announcements for your initiatives to connect with your audience before time.

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