If your family is trying to conserve as much space as possible, loft beds and bunk beds might just be the perfect solution. When used in a children’s room, beds such as these can provide much more space for toys and activities than other beds. Friends can have a great sleepover solution, whereas siblings can easily share a room.

Now, even though bunk and loft beds usually follow a standard pattern, you can still customize them to your liking. A large number of reputable companies are known to offer a wide variety of wood finishes and even themed options, including princess castles and camouflage tents.

Since buying a kids bed is a somewhat large investment, you should definitely avoid rushing your decision. To make the best bang for your buck, make sure to focus on the following factors.


It is well known that the majority of families buy these types of beds with the hopes that they will last for many years. Therefore, it would be very wise to consider the bed’s functionality before making a choice.

Keep in mind that children grow very quickly. With this in mind, think about whether the bed you buy will be able to accommodate your child in 1 or 2 years. A large number of beds feature full bunk designs, as well as twins. By opting for full-sized mattresses, a bed will have a greater chance of lasting through the entire childhood. In addition, know that classic and simple designs will also add to the longevity of a bed.


Just like other products, bunk and loft beds are also prone to product recalls. There have been cases where certain models have been recalled due to potential child entrapment, guardrail safety or faulty workmanship. Even though the majority of reputable dealers will immediately recall and remove any faulty item, you should still do your homework before making a purchase.


We all know that kids tend to abuse their furniture. They jump off it, on it, hang on it and so on. Therefore, your new bunk bed needs to be able to withstand a great deal of abuse. Take some time to consider the construction method of the bed, so as to ensure maximum safety and durability.

Most experts will say that metal bunk beds are not quite safe, due to their lack of sturdiness and tendency to bend, dent and wobble over the years. Though they are cheap, metal beds are definitely not a good long-term investment.

On the other hand, wood beds also have their small share of problems too. A general rule of thumb states that the heavier the bed the more likely it is safe and sturdy. However, there might still be problems with loose wing nuts and screws.


These days, the most convenient method of shopping is online shopping. This is especially true in the case of beds. However, while you will not have to haul a heavy bed to your home, you might end up with shopping costs that are too great. With this in mind, make sure to check a dealer’s shipping policy before making a deal. If you can, always pay attention to the companies that offer flat rate shipping or free bunk bed shipping.


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